Decorations For Celebrations

Create the atmosphere your event or celebration deserves. Celebrate your event without the headache. Get your party started with our event decorations!

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The balloons lasted 
over two months 

We used Megan’s Art Box for our golf simulator lounge several times and she is absolutely amazing, from her beautiful balloon arrangements to the customer service. We opened our business in the winter time and wanted to have arrangements in the lobby and front entrance. Megan and her assistants came multiple times to check in on the balloons and fix any small balloons that deflated from the cold weather. The balloons lasted us over 2 months. Excellent quality of balloons, excellent service and one of a kind team! My GO-TO without a doubt!!

Balloon Styling

Customize your next event with a custom balloon installation that pops. You can choose from organic garlands, walls, and more for any party or corporate event of yours!

Flower Walls

Our Flower Wall is the perfect backdrop for any party. It can be used to get all your Insta-worthy pictures!

The Flower Wall is available in various sizes, and you can add balloons or a sign to personalize it to your event!

Acrylic Signs

Customized signs are perfect for any occasion, and they can be made to match the decorating style of your party. These kinds of things make parties that much more memorable!

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For Business



Megan's Art Box is the perfect local event decorating agency for your next grand opening, corporate or retail events!

We provide custom balloon garlands, custom signs, and flower walls to create an awe-inspiring atmosphere with a touch of whimsy. 


Our team offers custom, flexible packages for events of all sizes to make your party or business opening feel amazing!